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I gave an interview for Stocktickr with Dave Mabe. You can catch it here . Stocktickr

Collective 2: CHRK out

The entry candlestick was wider than I would have liked for an ideal risk:reward ratio and this was reflected in the eventual cash loss of -$1,040 ( -8.8% ) on a 2,000 share lot. Looks destined to test the 200-day MA at $4.40.

Trade Ideas: INVX

On paper, Thursday's gains looked good - but there wasn't the heavy volume to mark it as a follow through day or a day of strong accumulation. Todays' gains will likely be pegged back as bears take another crack on the bulls, but yesterday's lows should be strong support. There was no shortage of stocks on my Trade Ideas scan. One of the most frequent into the last hour of trading was Innovex ( INVX ). Upside break of a declining channel as the stock held support of $4.65. A retest of this support level should manifest itself over the coming days with a confirmation "buy" trigger in the MACD trigger line. Although the point-n-figure chart shows no price pattern it does favor a price target of $11.50. Key resistance can be found at $13.00. Innovex, Inc. provides circuit interconnect solutions to original equipment manufacturers in the electronics industry worldwide. It offers circuit applications and services from initial design, development, and prototype to f

Fallond / Trade Ideas / Jim Cramer : May 17th

Another week and another set of losses. Market ETFs were the 'winner' on the week with a loss of 'only' -2.02% . The Trade Ideas scan closely followed the Market ETF's with a loss of -2.22% . The biggest loser on the week was Jim Cramer, his stocks closed down an average of -7.40% , not that my own picks were any better, down -5.24% . The Trade Ideas performance was interesting with 50% of the picks profitable; losses of -11.5% in each of SNTS and PLCE brought the overall average down, but considering none of Jim Cramer's 8 lightning round picks were profitable it was a quite impressive return for the Trade Ideas Base Scan . Disappointment in the performance of my own picks would have been slightly alleviated had my suggested stop prices been used; a loss of -5.24% would have turned into a loss of -4.31% instead. The strongest stock on the week was the Trade Ideas, CXW . It finished the week up +4.83% . Wednesday's results have really shaken the 1-week p

Trade Ideas: CDI

The stronger close helped push a number of stocks to the forefront of the Trade Ideas scan. In the last 15 minutes of trading the following stocks cropped up in my Base Scan : GMST , CDI , PLFE , WDFC , BT , SYNT , RKT , KO , HRL , SMSI , SPSS , MAPS , PORK , CBM , GVHR , INDB , DEL , ADP , BUCY , TR and JH . One of the most frequent to appear during this period was CDI . The stock is still range bound inside a channel with larger resistance overhead at $30.86. A break of $29.25 should see a follow on move past $30.86. Stops can go on a loss of $28. Watch for a confirmation signal in the MACD trigger line. Long term resistance lurks at $35 with the point-n-figure chart holding to a $42 price target as part of a St. Patrick's Day Double Top Breakout. CDI Corp. provides engineering and information technology (IT) outsourcing solutions and professional services; staffing and permanent placement services; and franchise services in the United States and internationally. Its staffing se

Fallond vs Trade Ideas vs J. Cramer: May 16th

No surprises to see the markets down for Tuesday's week-on-week comparison. Market ETFs took an average loss of -3.57% on the week, one of the largest losses for the market ETFs. After Jim Cramer's heavy losses for Monday there were no lightning round picks available for selection on Tuesday (a lucky escape!). My newsletter pick performance of -2.73% was saved by BKD which finished the week up +13.56% . But the star performer on the week was the Trade Ideas pick, LTXX , which finished up +20.31% (with a maximum gain of +37.69% ). Because of these gains the Trade Ideas scan was able to close the week up +0.55% . Biggest loser was my Subscriber pick, WIND . The stock closed the week down -13.82% . However, if my suggested stop price was used the loss for WIND would have been reduced to a more manageable -4.24% . Similarly, using stop losses for ACN and APCC would have reduced their losses to -1.64% and -1.84% respectively. This would have improved my newsletter returns

Collective 2: PPDI out

A victim of fate? It remains to be seen if this stop trigger was inevitable, or something which we will rue later on? Both Yahoo! and shows the lows of the day at $34.50, but intraday trading shows a low of the day at $35.88???. Its water under the bridge as the trade triggered the stop of $35.09 for a -$378 loss on a 300 share lot. Two trades remain, but I am in fishing mode for more.


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