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XLE puts

Energy stocks look to have peaked (equities lead commodity prices - look for oil to peak in the next few months). We are looking at a nice bearish flag in this index. Should be worthy of a few puts for a downside break Puts $2.65

MLNM Calls $1.95

Looking for a relief bounce in this beat down issue. Bounce will depend on tech issues, but likely worth a nibble. Calls $1.95

QQQQ calls

Switching to a bounce off the 200-day moving average. Short term move only Calls $1.45

DIA covered

Friday's doji on volume made me dump these on the open. Given up an extra $0.60 from where they are currently trading now. Bgt $1.00 Sold $2.10

VICL out

Stop hit on a day of broad selling in the market In: $5.38 Out: $4.68


Yesterday's little dip and today's higher volume reversal looks like a bear trap. Taking some $0.35 calls but overall market action will dictate how successful these will be. Dow and S&P in trouble, tech indices hanging on. Calls $0.35

DIA puts

Very small taster play here. We still have to wait another few days to see a follow through to Friday's gains, but given the insipid volume it might never come. Today's bearish harami cross are normally very reliable reversal signals at a top. A close over today's highs negates. Apr Puts $1.00

CSTR out

Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to get out at the lows of $20, and the retest of these lows has persistently been resisted. Not sure this is out of the woods if you are long here, but with the NASDAQ having a good day I don't want to be holding this any longer than is necessary. Sold $2.70 (-$0.30 loss)


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