Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Best Trader on eToro?

Going by their current +eToro  Trending Investors, there is a familiar avatar at the top:

While U.S. Investors can't copy me, my posts can be followed here.
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Profit Taking Sweeps Into Town

After days of tight trading, bulls decided to take money off the table following a slew of economic data. The S&P finished at rising support after tagging the 50-day MA. Today's selling hasn't totally reversed the rally, but another day like today would seed enough doubts in bulls to restrict dip buying.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Tight Trading Covered Last Weeks Action

Friday didn't bring a flourish of buying or selling into the long weekend, so it's up to Tuesday to price in weekend news. Opportunities are available for both bulls and bears.

Bulls will be looking to the S&P to push from 5-day days of tight, sideways pattern in an effort to put some distance to 2120. Technicals are mixed, with a strong 'buy' in the MACD and bullish momentum, offset by a 'sell' trigger in On-Balance-Volume and some mixed action in the ADX. One point of note is the bullish cross in relative performance against the Russell 2000.

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Memorial Day Offer: Tradercast

I have been working with Tradercast for just over 6 months, and do the Friday show from 13:30 GMT to 15:30 GMT (8:30 AM ET to 10:30 AM ET). Tradercast is operated by @PhillipKonchar, and covers Major FX pairs, European and U.S. Indices, precious metals and oil. There is some stock coverage, although the focus is on the aforementioned assets.

To celebrate Memorial weekend, Tradercast is offering a special discount on membership, equivalent to a free month of service on top of the 14-day free trial. When signing up, enter the promo code "fallond_Memorial" to avail of this offer.

Tradercast includes:

  • Full charting with annotations, indicators and templates
  • Heatmap
  • Stocktwits feed integration
  • Custom watchlists
  • Video reports and archived broadcasts
  • Economic Calendar
  • Signals feed
  • Education modules on trading and technical analysis
  • Multi-chart view
  • Community charts
  • Real-time community chat and one-to-one messaging

A sample broadcast of mine is available after the jump

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