Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving :) Friday Should Be A Winner

Thanksgiving Wednesday was never going to generate an exciting day but it was good to see early week gains retained. Upcoming Thanksgiving Friday is typically a day when Junior traders go wild and decent gains are posted - even if trading volume is light. With last week's lead action I wouldn't be surprised if this pattern was to repeat.

Tech Indices have been leading the charge in recent days and I would look to the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 to be the primary chargers on Friday. Technicals are firmly in the green.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Russell 2000 and Semiconductor New Highs / S&P Breaks

The S&P broke higher to confirm a 'bear trap' and also closed at a new all-time high. Volume climbed to register an accumulation day but there were further losses in relative performance and continued losses in the MACD.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Russell 2000 Clears Resistance

The Russell 2000 followed through higher with a break of resistance and a bullish cross of mid-line stochastics. The 'bear trap' follow through is for new all-time highs. Watch for a MACD trigger 'buy' to support the 'bull flag' break.

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Russell 2000 Makes It Back to 'Bull Flag' Resistance Leaving 'Bear Trap' Behind

Over the course of Thursday and Friday the Russell 2000 reversed what had looked like a runaway breakdown into a counter rally and potential breakout. Now it's the time for shorts, FOMO longs and existing longs to pressure resistance. Action over the last two days of the week was particularly tasty particularly if you are looking for an extension of the August-October rally. Better still, there isn't a whole lot of competition from other indices for trading opportunities. Long risk measured from a stop below 1,454.

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