Fallond / Trade Ideas / Jim Cramer : May 17th

Another week and another set of losses. Market ETFs were the 'winner' on the week with a loss of 'only' -2.02%. The Trade Ideas scan closely followed the Market ETF's with a loss of -2.22%. The biggest loser on the week was Jim Cramer, his stocks closed down an average of -7.40%, not that my own picks were any better, down -5.24%.

The Trade Ideas performance was interesting with 50% of the picks profitable; losses of -11.5% in each of SNTS and PLCE brought the overall average down, but considering none of Jim Cramer's 8 lightning round picks were profitable it was a quite impressive return for the Trade Ideas Base Scan.

Disappointment in the performance of my own picks would have been slightly alleviated had my suggested stop prices been used; a loss of -5.24% would have turned into a loss of -4.31% instead.

The strongest stock on the week was the Trade Ideas, CXW. It finished the week up +4.83%.

Wednesday's results have really shaken the 1-week performance tree. My newsletter picks were the first to show a net loss; down an average of -0.02% on the week, but 42% of the time my newsletter picks show the best absolute weekly performance (the performance is hurt on down weeks when it underperforms, affecting the average returns). Both the Market ETFs and Jim Cramer are closely tied with average weekly returns of +0.11% and +0.08% each and absolute performance of 23% and 21% respectively. Like the Tortoise and the Hare, the Trade Ideas scan has the weakest absolute performance at a measly 14%, but when other stock pick systems suffered it was able to limit its losses to the extent its average return has been a very impressive +0.66%. This reflects 35 week-on-week comparisons with 8 stocks per week (280 stocks in total).

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