On my Stocktwits and Twitter feed, I post regular results from a breakout scan.

This scan returns stocks that cleared significant resistance, but as of yet, have not made new 52-week highs. 

I also include a count of any penny stocks which also were found in the scan; the more penny stocks relative to the total count, the more skeptical you should be of the featured stocks succeeding - when penny stocks are featured it's because of the greed of retail traders - and those aren't the traders you should be following.  

How best to use this list?

Look at the #stockbreakout list of 5-7 days ago, you want to find stocks that have held the breakout, but may be offering a better risk:reward than when first featured in my post. 

What do these stocks look like in a chart?

I don't post charts on these stocks, but I do compile the list by looking at their charts.  Here is an example:

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