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Update: CYBX calls were exercised

Manipulation to end Friday's trading at $40 resulted in my calls been exercised. TSCO Mar calls still in play.

VICL - building up buying momentum

Like this for the long haul. Working through a base with resistance at $8.00. Keep an eye on this one. Check out the weekly chart . Featured in an intraday alert sent to gold members on Feb 18th.

QQQQ out

Sold yesterday's puts at $0.95 - market at short term support - further losses on Monday would be a fresh trade down.

QQQQ puts

Put some money to work with some Mar puts. Anyone brave enough to have bought Feb puts would have done very well today. Mar $38 puts $0.70. Featured on my public stockchart list . Looking for a move to the lower BB band/200-day moving average.

SFY puts

The chart as promised from Feb 15th. Featured as a gold member short play for Feb 16th. Today's earnings were not enough to sustain the rally.

Gold member disclosure

I have bought puts in the 2nd of the three potential short plays I listed on today's intraday alert. I'll post the blog chart tomorrow.

ERES out

Like this stock - but my earlier fill was way too expensive. Trading at resistance, will look to get back in with calls around the $5.00 mark.

OVTI out

Sold the calls at $5.30 for a $0.60 profit. Will look to re-enter on a pullback.

PAAS out

Looks to have gotten a little ahead of itself in the short term. Should be possible to buy this back around $1.90-2.00. Metals look to have bottomed - long term outlook looks favorable.

OVTI again

Took a nibble at Jan 06 calls once again at $4.70.

TSCO and CYBX covered calls

Sold some $45 Mar calls at $1.30. Likely to pullback but great move all the same. Also bought back my earlier CYBX Feb $25 calls and sold Feb $40 calls instead at $1.75.

AEOS puts once again

Reversing off its highs as volume declines around $50 resistnance. We'll see how this plays out but this stock needs a solid correction.

CYBX covered calls

Bgt shares of CYBX at $26.75 and sold Feb $25.00 calls at $3.20

BBA bye

Little sketchy on the intraday action. Not quite powering ahead as a break of resistance should. Watching retracement for re-entry.

TSCO and BBA in

Two stocks working through their 200-day moving average. Excellent weekly chart for TSCO . BBA is more of a momentum play.

CRY out

Looks to be ready to pullback to close the various gaps. Will buy back on the retracement Out $3.20


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