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Top 5 Dividend Plays

Stocks and funds which pay regular dividends are great dollar-cost-average material for investment accounts. Many of these stocks enjoy strong capital growth to further boost earnings potential; it often doesn't take long before these stocks are yielding 15-25% on your original purchase price by dividends alone. For example, I began dollar-cost-averaging into Southern Peru Copper ( PCU ) in August 2005 (a year after the stock had featured in one of my stock pick scans [$] ) but currently only re-invest dividends back into the stock. However, the dividend payment has risen from a then $0.52 and $0.85 per share for the last 2 Qs of 2005 to a current $1.50 and $1.70 for the first half of 2007. Meanwhile the stock has gone from a post-split mid-$20s up to its current $90s. This outperformance is unlikely to last forever and if it can maintain its dividend (a big 'if') then the next big correction - when it comes - will be an opportunity to add to the position using the dividen


Big battle between bulls and bears with neither getting the edge. The intraday swing was wider than yesterday, reflecting the ruffled hair of the markets as they duke it out. More of the same for next week? However, the Trade Ideas scan left little doubt who was in control with a clearly bearish top-8 pick list at 1 hour and 26 minutes and "20-appearance" list pick coming in at a sluggish 5 hours . If you would like to try a full version of the Trade-Ideas software, follow this link for a free 7-day trial. Trade Ideas

New KIVA loan

This is a repayment of an earlier loan which is been recycled into the fund. I have a new membership contribution which it is still to be distributed which when done will bring the number of active loans to 19 with 8 paid off, and no defaults. KIVA

The Joker


Trade Ideas: GSH, NFP, HNZ, RCL, WW, MEL, SY, CMP

Difficult to gauge the reaction to the Fed since the buying came yesterday, rather than today. Today's finish was weak - but given it held all of yesterday's gains the initial reaction would appear positive. One concern on the technical front is the sharp drop in money flow for the key indices. June lows look pivotal if markets don't want to see a test of February highs and/or the 200-day MAs. The S&P is perhaps the index to watch as it is struggling at these levels the most. The candlestick dojis created by today's close on initial inspection imply weakness, but given short term market conditions (< 3 weeks) and intermediate term (1-6 months) are oversold-to-neutral rather than overbought the significance of the formation on these time frames is reduced - so further upside to early June highs is well within range (as an aside, the late May and early June dojis in the Nasdaq did occur at overbought conditions for both short term and intermediate term time frames

Trade Ideas: DEL, PER, RTP, ITW, BK, FII, ACW, SFG

Traders took advantage of some positive earnings and 50-day MA support to bid the market up in the face of the upcoming Fed decision. The Trade Ideas scan was quick of the mark with a top-8 pick list in under 1 minute and a "20-appearance" list also selected inside a minute too. Strong stuff. If you would like to try a full version of the Trade-Ideas software, follow this link for a free 7-day trial. Trade Ideas

Collective2: OMNI out

The final position in the portfolio was sold after a close below the most recent reaction low. OMNI Energy Services looks like it will test the 50-day MA, to coincide with oversold stochastics and possible 'buy' trigger (a decent bounce opportunity). The 1,000 share lot closed with a +$1,470 profit ( +15.15% ). Collective2

Trade Ideas: FIF, CV, ROK, ORB, CVD,

Bulls struggled through the day, although a small bounce looks a better bet at this juncture given the markets have experienced three days of declines in a row (or four down days in the last five) - but the overall picture was little changed on yesterday. The Trade Ideas scan was again slow with the top-8 picks coming in at a bearish 44 minutes with only five picks: FIF , CV , ROK , ORB and CVD breaking the 20-appearance barrier. If you would like to try a full version of the Trade-Ideas software, follow this link for a free 7-day trial. Trade Ideas

Collective2: JADE out

Another stop hit as LJ International ( JADE ) broke through rising support and the 50-day MA. It has been a scrappy last couple of months for the portfolio - saved by the relatively low equity exposure but underpeforming relative to the S&P. Only one stock remains (OMNI Energy: OMNI ). The 800 share lot closed for a loss of -$560 ( -6.0% ): Collective2

Trade Ideas: PLT, TWB, PPL. SSD, CVD, PEC, UTI

It was a disappointing day for the markets. The semiconductors had promised much after last weeks push above 510, but the last 2 days of selling have more-or-less confirmed the bull trap with pressure now on double bottom support (with the 50-day MA not far below). The Nasdaq is back at its 50-day MA in what has been a scrappy last couple of months. With new selling pressure on the semiconductors there is a good chance of a break (although some short term strength may appear at this important support level): The Dow has a sizable inverse-doji right above the 50-day MA which should help bulls. Buyers have been jumping in to buy dips - but will this one be one-to-many for them given the proximity of the last two dip buying sessions?: The loss of the 50-day MA for the S&P is another concern: I am not sure if there was a problem with the Trade Ideas scan as the last 2 hours saw very little of anything whereas before there was some buying. Based on the earlier data an 8 pick list wou Weekly review

No review for this week. Too much to do and not enough time...

Trade Ideas: Data analysis

Regular readers will note when I publish the list of stocks drawn up by the Trade-Ideas scanner I also note the time required to select a "top-8" of stocks, and eight "20-appearance" or "20-hit" stocks (the latter set of stocks are what you see listed each day). The "top-8" picks are the eight most recent stocks selected from the close of the day, counting back. I exclude repeat counts for the same stock. I use the end-of-day as a baseline to keep the timing consistent across days. The "20-appearance" list are the eight stocks you see published; these are stocks which make 20 or more appearances on the scan (with Trade Ideas, if a stock meets the parameters of your scan it will be 'printed' in real-time, so stocks repeatedly meeting the criteria will be receive a fresh print on the scan. It is a great way to see which stocks are gathering the most buying momentum during the day). Some days enjoy broad buying which means numerous

Collective2: INWK out

InnerWorkings Inc. ( INWK ) made a minor break of support and may develop a more substantial pullback (on what looks to be low volume). For the purposes of my Collective2 portfolio the 700 share position was closed out for a +$1,533 profit ( +15.9% ) - alleviating some of the damage done by the NetList ( NLST ) trade. Equity exposure for this portfolio has been reduced to 23% as a result. To Subscribe to these signals click the performance chart below : Collective2


The semiconductor index was the real star on the day. The previous two days were set up the back test of double bottom support before today's upside follow through. Gains in the semiconductors helped lift the overall averages - a weekly close over 510 for semicondutors would likely set up a move to 550 and would be a great help to the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 over the coming weeks: The Trade Ideas scan was back to its winning ways. The most recent 8 picks covered a time span of a 2 minutes with the "20-appearance" list covering an hour : If you would like to try a full version of the Trade-Ideas software, follow this link for a free 7-day trial. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas: Slow day

Buying screeched to a halt with the most recent 8 picks spread out over an hour , with only 4 stocks making the "20-appearance" list: If you would like to try a full version of the Trade-Ideas software, follow this link for a free 7-day trial. Trade Ideas

Collective2 update

Heavier volume selling has pushed the indices out of their 3-day comfort zone. I have used this as an opportunity to raise stops for the 3 existing positions in the Collective2 portfolio. Inner Workings ( INWK ) has set up a good swing trade opportunity given the narrow range the stock has traded over the past couple of days. The stochastic 'sell' trigger is weakened somewhat by the strengthening bull trend (ADX is on the rise). This could result in a head fake down before the upward trend resumes, but I am not taking this risk and have tightened the stop according to recent day's support. LJ International ( JADE ) I have seen mentioned in a couple of blogs of late - including a Wallstrip piece. The stock was one of the few winners on the day as it worked itself off support. I have maintained the original stop but looking for a more substantial drive past resistance. OMNI Energy Services ( OMNI ) has retreated back to a support level of a potentially bearish rising wedg

Trade Ideas: CLC, KCI, ZNT, ORB, UBA, WMS, TS, TCB

Markets continued to maintain Friday's gains with the semiconductor index in the process of making a back test of double bottom support: The Trade Ideas scan picked up the buying pace with the top-8 picks covering 5 minutes and the "20-appearance" list coming in at a respectable 29 minutes - as usual, those stocks are given below: If you would like to try a full version of the Trade-Ideas software, follow this link for a free 7-day trial. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas: MAG, FO, RBA, COF, BUD, DRQ, SYY, PXP

It was a peculiar sort of day. Taken together (Friday and Monday) the action in the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 looked like that of a buyout candidate - big volume on the 'announcement', then low volume, tight trading, to follow. Who has bidded and accepted the offer for the entire Tech market? :) Other indices have stalled at resistance, but light volume suggests no real selling pressure. The Trade Ideas scan was a little slow into the close; the top-8 stocks covered a time span of 10 minutes , but the "20-hit" list covered a reasonably strong 1 hour 31 minutes : If you would like to try a full version of the Trade-Ideas software, follow this link for a free 7-day trial. Trade Ideas


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