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TRDO and SPNC added to both Marketocracy and Collective 2 accounts

TRDO filled on the Collective 2 account. I put a buy order for the Marketocracy account a few minutes ago. SPNC was a buy order into the close. Both run relatively tight stops. TRDO featured as a Gold Member pick (subscription required to view) for today, September 27th . SPNC has featured a number of times, most recently on August 15th in my free Breakout section, but also on April 14th and June 30th for Gold Member subscribers Click to verify my Collective2 rating of 854

CVO new breakout

One of three stocks held in the Collective2 portfolio. Finally breached long term resistance on a closing basis. I raised the stop on the initial position. CVO has first featured as a Gold Member pick (subscription required to view) for August 24th Click to verify my Collective2 rating of 854

Collective2: No change

Likely to see these positions stopped out as the market weakens. I am letting the market decide which to cut. Won't be going long on new positions until I see market indicators improve. Click to verify my Collective2 rating of 854

Marektocracy: Cut ERES. Lowered limit order sell on NOVA

ERES is hugging support and looks ready to take a dip - so I have cut this one. NOVA never filled at $6.69 so I have lowered the limit order to $6.52. CAMP has also been cut. Just leaves GTI in the account.

Marketocracy update

Not such hot times for the portfolio. No changes made (I have a limit order for NOVA close to resistance, the order just missed a fill Wednesday).

Collective 2 portfolio $29.95 / month on profitable months only



In addition to the Marketocracy account I am also running a "Pay-as-you-profit" program through Collective 2. The fee is $29.95 per month only billed if the monthly return is profitable. There are hundreds of system choices one can make ranging from the $10s to the $1000s.

NOVA to go

Lost $6.76 support in lunchtime trading and failed to recover into the close. Looking to exit tomorrow.


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