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For those who bought in again, it got a nice pop today. Nice move in the markets in general. I will be watching the DOW into the close; can it hold the break of 2-month+ declining resistance? End-of-day volume will also be important. If you would like to get my trade signals for stocks featured in this blog, direct to your email address, follow this link If you would like to get a newsletter featuring the stocks from which my trade signals are drawn, follow this link

Marketocracy: AIC currently been added

AIC to be added to Marketocracy portfolio. This was a Gold Member oversold play for October 13th - newsletter subscription needed to view link . The current retracement looks to be a confirmation move of the October 12th bullish hammer. The success of this trade will depend on $5.75 support holding.

Collective2: ABNK and BKHM added to portfolio

Scanning through my former stock picks issued in my stock pick newsletter. Two that look to have long side merit are; [1] ABNK The stock is actually a current short feature from September 21st - newsletter subscription needed to view link , but now sits 15 cents away from its stop (but looked as good as dead once it regained $22 support). The point-n-figure chart price target of $35.50 remains in effect. [2] BKHM The stock is a current long play; first featured to paid subscribers on August 4th - newsletter subscription needed to view link , then on the free portion of my website for August 11th , and again for October 3rd . These two picks were issued as an email buy order during market hours to my Collective2 subscribers. If you would like to get these trade signals direct to your email address follow this link If you would like to get the stock pick newsletter follow this link DJF

RHAT out

Sold yesterday's gap down, but a break of $22.37 would see a fresh breakout and a fresh long signal. The trading account is mostly in cash (only TRDO left). Keeping the powder keg dry until we know what will come out of the recent volatility. Quite the roller coaster we are seeing in the markets. Yesterday's limp volume on the part of the bears has come back to haunt them. It does look like today's buying will come with sizable volume (= accumulation day). The main question now is where will markets finish with respect to resistance and/or thier 20-day/50-day MAs? Click to verify my Collective2 rating of 960

CHIC dumped

Didn't last 24 hours. Hits it stop as the broad market sold off. I have raised the stop price of TRDO and issued a new order for RHAT to my Collective2 subscribers. We will see how these pan out tomorrow. Bulls left much battered and bruised as yesterday's dojis in the tech markets and trendline resistance in the large caps proved too much for the bulls to consume. Down down down we go....

CHIC added to Collective2 portfolio

Filled this morning. Featured as a breakout pick (free to view) for this morning REGN is another which I have a GTC buy order fishing for a fill. It featured for Gold Member subscribers earlier this week.

Post-travel update

Due to prior travel commitments I have had little time to post. There has been no change in my Marketocracy portfolio. Changes in my Collective2 portfolio would have been emailed to subscribers in real-time (for $29.95 a month, only charged during profitable months). As detailed in my postings to the parent site, , I am awaiting a solid bottom as marked by tech market secondary indicators [ $NASI , $NAA50 and $BPCOMPQ ]. This bottom looks some weeks off, but November could be an interesting month for buyers. Collective 2 Trades Collective 2 Performance Marketocracy Trades Marketocracy Performance Marketocracy Best and Worst trades Collective 2 Portfolio Marketocracy Portfolio

Marketocracy: GTI sold on the bounce $5.49

Got rid of GTI as it made its return to support. Sold for an average price of $5.49. You will notice NOVA is still in the account. My earlier limit order never filled but NOVA has managed to make a comeback of sorts so I am watching it for now. The Marketocracy account looks as follows


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