Trade Ideas: ABS

A regular stock feature for the Trade Ideas scan. The stock continues to trade within a tight range, and is primed for a big move (a good swing trade stock). Keep this on the watch list. There is always the 3% dividend yield if this price action continues! Albertson’s, Inc. operates as a food and drug retailer in the United States. It operates food-drug stores, conventional stores, and warehouse stores. Its stores offer grocery, prescription drugs, and cosmetics and general merchandise, as well as seafood and meat, bakery, lobby/video, service delicatessen, liquor, and floral. The company also operates meal centers, party supply centers, coffee bars, in-store banks, photo processing and destination categories for beverages, snacks, pet care products, paper products, and baby care merchandise. ABS

Trade Ideas Follow up from February 22nd

A relatively quiet week for the stock pick screens. The index ETFs finished slightly down for the week, but modest gains were reported from JC and my Trade Ideas scan picks. My newsletter stocks had a volatile week, with gains in the two penny stocks, compensating for losses elsewhere. This could have been much worse - excluding these two stocks the return on the week would have been -2.91%. JC's picks were the most consistent performers; his picks had the lowest standard deviation (i.e. less volatility); and his modest 0.90% return was able to beat the market, but fell shy of the 1.43% return from the Trade Ideas picks. JC's picks were drawn from his Saturday show, as his regular weekly show was running repeats last week. JC's picks taken from Madd Money . If you would like to try a full version of the Trade-Ideas software, follow this link for a free 7-day trial. If you would like to Subscribe to my newsletter you can do so by ordering monthly, 6-month, or annual membe

Trade Ideas: KG

Taken from the Channel scan. Earnings due tomorrow, but the stock has made a small, handle breakout, in the run up to this figure. Market breakouts in Tech, small caps, and S&P have helped drive today's gains. Point-n-figure target of $33 is not unreasonable, but there is resistance at $20.62 from 2004 to consider first. King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of branded prescription pharmaceutical products. It offers various branded prescription products over seven therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, endocrinology, neuroscience, critical care, anti-infective, respiratory, and other. The company also develops, manufactures, and sells auto-injectors for the self-administration of injectable drugs. In addition, King Pharmaceuticals provides contract pharmaceutical manufacturing services to third-party pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as transfers company’s manufacturing and marketing rights to third parti

Trade Ideas vs Fallond vs Jim Cramer. December 16th

Because I had no list of 8 Trade Ideas picks for December 23rd, I decided to use the previous weeks picks (December 16th). JC's picks are from the Madd Money website - unfortunately, there was no listing of his lightning round picks for his December 15th show (which could be bought on the December 16th open), so I used his bullish picks from the December 16th show (released after the market close), which means the open price would exclude the Mad Money boost. My own picks are based on the open price of my picks drawn from December 15th closing data. The Trade Ideas stock picks were the clear winner, with a fantastic average return of 14% per trade, and a 88% win percentage, for the two month period. USG, ALKS, and KEYS, made up for the disappointing VMSI. My own picks nicked Jim's for second place - although both of our returns were close enough to consider it a draw. Jim was let down by DNA, and STJ, while SANM was my bogey pick. All three selections of stock picks outperfor


Resistance trading in the NASDAQ , but a potential breakout in the NASDAQ 100 . And perhaps an opportunity for the Russell 2000 to lead the markets once again. The NASDAQ gained on light volume, wedged between the 20-day/50-day MAs and channel resistance. Technicals are mildly bullish, but are still influenced by the MACD bearish divergence. The NASDAQ 100 had been the hardest hit of the two Tech indices over the last few weeks, but Friday's gains could classify as a breakout - although the 50-day MA is still resistance. The Russell 2000 was the days' best performer with a resistance breakout, and a MACD trigger "buy". The Dow held 11,047 support, after an intraday bounce off 11,000. The S&P created an inside day, on light volume, and has swing trade potential from the day's high/lows. Based on the behavior of the Dow , there should be a supporting breakout in the S&P . Keep an eye on the relationship between the S&P and Russell 2000 . The Russe


The Channel scan turned up three candidates for today: FHR, EC, and STXS. It also turned up two candidates which appeared on the historical look back, but not during the trading day, over the course of this week: MOLXA, and FIX. The remaining three stocks were picked from the original Base Scan. FHR : Flat-lined on $45 takeover bid. Unlikely to get much out of this, but included because of the nature of the scan. EC : As above. Hostile takeover bid by BASF at $37-38. Company board fighting the Bid. STXS : Showed up earlier in the day - by the time I picked it up it had already moved 11%. Solid, low volume consolidation, followed by higher volume buying to push the stock above the 20-day MA. Supply at $15 to chew threw, but looks good. Unfortunately, Hawaii time difference prevented my from seeing this one sooner. MOLXA : Interesting why this didn't show up before. Prospects at the 20-day MA. Key resistance at $33. FIX : Has held support of the 50-day MA very well. Steady uptrend, i Movers and Shakers

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