Only the first stock on the list, GTK, featured on the Channel Scan. The remainder were drawn from the Base Scan. GTK : Hugging the 50-day MA. Watch for break of $33.50. Point-n-figure target of $57 looks interesting. EMC : Sneaking a move over the 200-day MA (but after a 'Death cross' in the 50-day/200-day MAs. Short term move to watch for is a test of $14.50 resistance. Stops on a loss of $13.50 XEC : Bounce of $40 looks to be holding at the 50-day MA. Next advance should be to test $48 resistance. Stops on a loss of the day's lows SWX : Consolidated yesterday's gains, holding the upper range from yesterday's trading - bullish. Breakout buyers will be waiting for a close over $28 before acting. Stops on a loss of $27.50 NKE : Approaching $88 resistance. Broad, symmetrical triangle on the weekly chart. Projected move is for $108. Point-n-figure target of $100 is a logical intermediate term target (3 weeks-6 months). LNG : Flat(ish), rounding bottom, covering 2 1/2

Pesky Meddling Kids....

Came across Jonathan Lebed's new scheme on one of my forays into the internet. Looks like he is using his former infamy as part of his marketing (check his press release section). Ho Hum.

Will the Nasdaq Summation index signal a top?

I was somewhat frustrated to see the Nasdaq Summation Index back above, what I consider to be, a bullish trigger line (5-day EMA) in the daily chart. Unfortunately for bulls, there appears to be little leg room for this indicator to advance further. What it means for the NASDAQ and NASDAQ 100 remains to be seen. Keep an eye on the weekly version of this indicator, and its corrsponding MACD. The weekly MACD has provided a decent marker for tops (and bottoms), and the next crossover (bearish) may not be far away. fallond


Just to get this one out before the stock market closes. AMSC, LECO, and ASGN are from the Channel scan. The remaining 5 stocks are taken from the Base Scan. Mover and Shaker

This was one of my free picks for January 24th , and was later added to my Collective2 portfolio. Today's 17% gain was triggered by a "Buy" rating from Oppenheimer . One to watch. HBX

BFLY vs AMZN: David vs Goliath

BFLY popped up in my Breakout scan for Wednesday, following a few days of heavy volume buying, on it ways towards tomorrow's earnings. But my interest was not to do with it as a great 'Buy' candidate, but was in part, based on an article from Safehaven about 'Vodoo' Technical analysis. And a developing Technical vs Fundamental argument on Roberto's NASDAQ Trader Blog. In my background check on BFLY, Yahoo had listed a news article from the Motley Fool about Amazon, which had a passing (emphasis on the 'passing') mention on Bluefly. AMZN is certainly the opposite of what BLFY is in terms of scale of business, and profitability - so were there any parallels I could draw? Fundamental analysis has its merits, but like Technical analysis, much of it is to do with projections based on prior trends. Unforseens (e.g. Katrina), will impact on the fundamental picture (albeit delayed), just as much as they impact on price (except impacts on price are more, or Mover and Shaker

This was a recent Subscriber pick (and later Free Breakout pick). Nice follow through on Friday's gains. Keep on the watch list for a low risk entry candlestick if looking to buy, or add. ADAM fallond


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