The Channel scan turned up three candidates for today: FHR, EC, and STXS. It also turned up two candidates which appeared on the historical look back, but not during the trading day, over the course of this week: MOLXA, and FIX. The remaining three stocks were picked from the original Base Scan.

FHR: Flat-lined on $45 takeover bid. Unlikely to get much out of this, but included because of the nature of the scan.

EC: As above. Hostile takeover bid by BASF at $37-38. Company board fighting the Bid.

STXS: Showed up earlier in the day - by the time I picked it up it had already moved 11%. Solid, low volume consolidation, followed by higher volume buying to push the stock above the 20-day MA. Supply at $15 to chew threw, but looks good. Unfortunately, Hawaii time difference prevented my from seeing this one sooner.

MOLXA: Interesting why this didn't show up before. Prospects at the 20-day MA. Key resistance at $33.

FIX: Has held support of the 50-day MA very well. Steady uptrend, interspaced with volume buying spikes

ATK: Pushing off a small, week-long handle, nestled against the 50-day MA. Resistance at $79 could be problematic.

CPS: Nice follow through from 4-day pullback. Well on its way to test $46.50-48.00 resistance zone. Follow through target of $58. One to watch

TRBS: Good basing action. Chance to get in near the lows of the base. Double bottom ($26.59/$25.89) confirmation will come on break of $32. Base will complete on move to $34. Projected target of $42

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