Collective 2: SBAC out

After the SBAC rally on Tuesday I decided to raise the stop to lock in further profits. Unfortunately the position was stopped out Thursday for a $2,045 gain, on a 500 share lot over a 3 month period. Tuesday's new highs on falling volume is of concern and it will be important to watch volume action on the next pullback. The 50-day MA looks to be a likely place for a test of support as it was in December, from here one will get a better idea on how the next base will take shape. SBAC Collective2

Trade Scan: SCSC

Stock to watch: SCSC. Close to breaking $60.70 resistance as part of a bullish ascending triangle. Major resistance sits at $72 and a test of this price would complete the right-hand-side of a 16-month base. From there a break of $72 would create a projected price of $107. ScanSource, Inc. operates as a wholesale distributor of specialty technology products in the United States and Europe. It markets automatic identification and data capture (AIDC), and point-of-sale (POS) products, which interface with computer systems used to automate the collection, processing, and communication of information for commercial and industrial applications, including retail sales, distribution, shipping, inventory control, materials handling, and warehouse management. SCSC Trade Ideas

The services I provide.

For those of you who are new to my blog, here is a run down of the services I provide: [1] Since I started monitoring stocks on the web I have been keeping daily updated annotated charts at ; the list of some 140 charts include key market indices and a complete list of currently in play stock picks (selected using my own scan parameters) freely available on my Breakout page at my parent site, . I strongly advise bookmarking my Stockchart list and request regular visits to get the latest updates - please make use of the 'Vote For It!' link at the bottom of each chart on the stock list to show your appreciation. [2] A trading portfolio hosted by . By subscribing to my Collective2 portfolio you will receive trade signals of featured stocks in real time via email. The portfolio is not a day trade system and is exclusively focused on stocks. Subscribers only pay for months in which there were profitable trades. The

Trade Ideas: Follow up January 25th

The best return yet from the Trade-Ideas software. The 8 picks returned an average of 7.8%. ACAD was the strongest performer with a 29% return in one week. The market indices recorded an average of 1.94% for the week. Trade+Ideas

Trade Ideas: FLE

Nice consolidation triangle looks primed to break upside. Expect volume to pick up on a break of $12.50. Unfortunately there is a band of resistance between $14-15, but a break of this will set up a move to $20. On the downside; ugly financials . Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. engages in the production of recreational vehicles and manufactured housing in the United States. Its recreational vehicles include motor homes, travel trailers, folding trailers, and slide-in truck campers. FLE Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas: Scan parameters

Here are the parameters I use for the scan; Trade Ideas If you would like to try the software yourself, follow this link for a free 7-day trial.

Trade Ideas: Story so far

My current subscription to Trade-Ideas is set to expire soon. The chart below shows a hypothetical return assuming: [1] An equal amount of a $10,000 pot was put into each of the Trade-Ideas picks. [2] The cumulative total is rolled over into the next set of picks again equally divided between the picks. [3] It does not account for commissions or slippage. The x-axis represents each series of Trade-Ideas picks covering a span of 3-months. The average return for this period was 9.6% - not too shabby a return. Compare this to the slight loss (2%) the markets took over this period. The 'Trade-Ideas High' is the maximum return possible assuming all picks were exited at their highs. Trade Ideas If you would like to try the software yourself, follow this link for a free 7-day trial.


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