XLF out

Looks set to close at a new near term high and above its 50-day MA. Further upside likely at this stage in a run to $30 resistance. In: $1.75 Out: $1.05

SIRI gone

Looks like the gap down doji and subsequent rally has created a bear trap. Dumped the put position and will wait to see what happens here. Nice day in the market so far - volume in the last couple of hours will be key. In: $0.75 Out: $0.70

MLNM Out $2.20

Sold the calls - the gap down then today's confirmation of the gap looks like a reason to see further downside. Not impressive returns. In $1.95 Out $2.20

SUNW out

Doesn't look like this will be heading North anytime soon. Not a big position, but it hurts. In: $0.70 Out: $0.15

POT off

I may have jumped from NCX to soon as the 200-day MA ended up acting as no support to its freefall. Another chemical company which is showing topping action is POT ( Investors Business Daily ranks its accumulation/distribution as an "E"). Looks to have reversed off the moving averages after an earlier break of support. Puts $11.90

SIRI (again!)

Botched the last attempt at this. Was right in the analysis, but wrong in the time frame. Looks like a big descending triangle on the weekly chart (although an upside break of resistance is a cover + buy). Put $0.75

XLF Puts $1.75

Small black candlestick at convergence of 10- and 20-day MA. Current consolidation following heavier volume selling doesn't inspire confidence. Rising interest rate environment is not a time to be long financials. Puts $1.75


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