Russell 2000 Sep Calls

Reached lower support of channel (the measured move target) with the 200-day MA nearby. Decided to take a nibble on a couple of Sep calls. In: Sep 590 Russell 2000 calls $35.30

NCX out

Bought this a little premature and rode out the rally to $52. The decline has been swift and I expect further downside - but with the 200-day MA tested on Friday I decided to take my profit Puts: In $2.10 Out: $3.30

ABP out

Couldn't post this on Friday because of a glitch in Blogger. Hit my stop for a small loss. Possibly too tight with the stop - but energy stocks are in the latter phases of their rallies and I didn't want to get stuck with a big reversal In: $3.03 Out: $2.98

ABP dropped

Ran my stop (too) tight here. Price action still has the fit of a bullish consolidation so I may come to regret my stop placement. In: $3.03 Out: $2.98 Image uploading bust...

ABP long

Released this pick to Gold members intraday. Putting my money where my mouth is with this one. Looks a decent cup-and-handle play with a strong weekly chart. In: $3.03

TSCO out

Sold the TSCO shares to bank what profit I had. No sell signal yet as it trades inside a narrow, but well defined range. I am watching for a dip back to the breakout gap. I still like this play but the market 'wants' to go down.

XLE puts

Energy stocks look to have peaked (equities lead commodity prices - look for oil to peak in the next few months). We are looking at a nice bearish flag in this index. Should be worthy of a few puts for a downside break Puts $2.65


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