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Bears will have sighed some relief as Thursday's breakouts in the tech averages [ NASDAQ and NASDAQ 100 ] reversed; the NASDAQ 100 suffering the additional indignation of a distribution day. Reversals were also experienced in large cap [ Dow and S&P ] and small cap [ Russell 2000 ] indices, but neither set of losses caused any significant technical damage. There is a swathe of support to look forward too - so Bears can't be rubbing their hands with the expectation of a big reversal, but buying this dip would be a risky proposition. The semiconductor index took a step back to its 50-day MA; there is a big void of support down to July lows, so further losses could be very damaging technically. The semiconductor index is also influenced by the strengthening bearish divergence of its MACD trigger line. Technically; the MACD trigger 'sell' holds for the NASDAQ and NASDAQ 100 - but there is no change in the other technicals; the bullish divergence in the MACD o

Collective2: TMX out

First sign of damage in the markets; important to watch is channel support across the various indices. There have been a number of false breakouts over the last couple of days for individual stocks, these should be sold - no questions asked. One such stock to close at new highs and then reverse was Telefonos de Mexico ( TMX ). After yesterday's close at a new reaction high I raised the stop to the highest reaction low (set last week). The stock hit the stop intraday, even though it finished the day a shade above such support. This closed the 400 share lot for a +$744 profit. The stock featured as a free Breakout play for September 29th opened at $25.42, following an earlier feature for my newsletter Subscribers, July 19th [$] , opened at $22.12. It was added to the Collective2 portfolio at $24.58 on September 20th . Three positions remain in the Collective2 portfolio. I see no reason to be adding new positions at this time. Collective2

Fallond / Trade Ideas / Jim Cramer : October 18 - 19th

Two days worth of review for you. It was a mixed bag of results; for Wednesday and Thursday the market ETFs returned two positive performances ( +0.86% and +1.98% ), while my newsletter picks had the best ( +3.25% ) and worst ( -2.45% ) weekly returns for the two days. The Trade Ideas scan fell in the middle with its -1.11% and +0.76% performance. There was only one set of picks for Jim Cramer and his returned a solid +1.82% on the week. Best stock pick went to Jim Cramer's, NSC with its +10.78% return. Worst was my newsletter pick, LVLT and its -9.87% return. If you would like to try a full version of the Trade-Ideas software, follow this link for a free 7-day trial. If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter you can do so by ordering monthly, 6-month, or annual membership from the 'Quantity' box in the right-hand-margin. If you would like to see Jim's picks you can tune into his TV show, or get them from Madd Money or Mad Money Recap . SPONSORED BY

Trade Ideas: IRM

The rally marches on - although on a percentage basis there was little change to previous days gains, from the point of buying individual stocks there was a more substantial increase; the Trade Ideas scan took just 1 minute to come up with 8 stocks - better than previous days. The only stock to dominate the buying was W.R. Berkley ( BER ) at 43 appearances over the course of the day. But beyond that, there wasn't much pushing above 20 appearances . I have gone for Iron Mountain ( IRM ) which came in at the 20 appearance mark. The stock has come off a small bullish flag, closing Thursday at a new reaction high. Resistance remains a factor at $43.62, but the new up swing is helped by the early October "Golden Cross" between the 50-day and 200-day MAs. Stops can go on a loss of $41 (although my chart shows a stop for $40 support - either one will do depending on your risk threshold). October's action has the look of a 'handle', part of an 8-month base (see a w

Trade Ideas: TNP

A roller coaster ride for the market after the Fed decision. The markets were left little changed by the close, but it remains to be seen which side (bull or bear?) will dominate. There was no great change in the level of individual stock buying; 8 picks covered a time span of 3 minutes ; a little stronger to the past couple days worth of buying. Most frequent to appear over the course of the day at 26 appearances was Tsakos Energy Navigation ( TNP ). The stock pays a healthy 5.8% yield. The stock broke through a bullish ascending triangle with new support at $45.65 and resistance at $50.00. Stops can go on a loss of last week's lows. The project target is around $66. Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited provides seaborne crude oil and petroleum product transportation services worldwide. The company owns a fleet of tankers that offer marine transportation services for independent oil companies and refiners under long, medium, and short-term charters. As of March 15, 2006, its fleet

Fallond / Trade Ideas / Jim Cramer : October 16th

A strong week across the board for the different group of stock picks. The market ETFs continued their run of good form with a +0.76% average return for the week, but it was soiled a little, by the slightly lower close for the Qs. My Trade Ideas scan and Jim Cramer's picks were relatively tightly matched at +1.48% and +1.36% respectively. But, for the third time over the last five most recent comparisons, my newsletter picks came out tops with an average return of +3.10% per stock for the week. Best performer was my newsletter pick, StemCells ( STEM ), which closed up +6.77% on the week. Worst performer was Jim Cramer's Lowes ( LOW ); it closed the week down -2.20% . If you would like to try a full version of the Trade-Ideas software, follow this link for a free 7-day trial. If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter you can do so by ordering monthly, 6-month, or annual membership from the 'Quantity' box in the right-hand-margin. If you would like to see J

Trade Ideas: LGF

Markets are treading water in the run up to tomorrow's Fed meeting. The Trade Ideas scan was also relatively quiet as it took 4 minutes to come up with 8 stocks. Topping the bill at 32 appearances was IShares Dow Jones Energy ( IYE ). This was well clear of a glut of stocks appearing around 20 times over the course of the day. The best looking of the bunch was Lions Gate Entertainment ( LGF ). The stock is breaking from a consolidation triangle on light volume after moving away from the May/July double bottom. The potential upside is $12.50 (measured move forward). Stops can go on a loss of triangle lows and/or May/June reaction highs. Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. engages in the production and distribution of motion pictures, television programming, home entertainment, family entertainment, video-on-demand, and music content. Its theatrical movies include its in house production and films acquired from third parties. The company distributes a library of approximately 3,000 mot


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