Late selling sends markets below their Friday open price

After a bright start by bulls, markets quickly took a turn and bears were left in control into the close. Both the S&P and Nasdaq finished with similar candlesticks; a nasty inverse hammer on higher volume distribution. This isn't great news for Monday as indices were looking to come out of a week long pause. It's too early to say what the long term impact of Friday's action will be, but Friday's was the kind of candlestick you typically see at a market top.

In addition to the bearish candlestick there was a weak 'sell' trigger in the MACD for the S&P (a strong 'sell' candlestick comes when the trigger occurs below the bullish zero line). The trendline for

The Nasdaq differs to the S&P in the advance rate from April through June is faster than the advance that preceeded it. Collectively, this is shaping a bearish wedge that looks destined to break on Monday. As with the S&P there is a 'sell' trigger in the MACD.

The Russell 2000 ($IWM) is range bound, but Friday's "black" candlestick is similar to the one that appeared a few weeks ago and has the potential to deliver the same bleak opening gap down. The technical picture is a little different as a consequence of its trading range; momentum sits below the midline, a bearish scenario, but other technicals (like the MACD) are bullish.

For tomorrow, we are favoring a weak open, but if we see a positive premarket that opens near Friday's finish, then there is a chance things could stabilize and the small trading range built over the last week continues.


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