Wednesday, May 25, 2022

MACD 'buy' signal for Nasdaq and S&P following earlier signal in Russell 2000

We don't want to linger too much on market struggles, but today offered a reprieve to yesterday's selling.  The Nasdaq finished with a gain of just over 1.5% as it attempted a scramble off the lows and avoid a fresh breakdown.  The MACD trigger 'buy' occurred well below the bullish zero line which is not a bullish setup, but I would be more confident if there was a break of the declining trendline. 

The S&P has exhibited a sharper rate of decline than the Nasdaq, although today's trading also managed a new MACD trigger 'buy'.  On-Balance-Volume is also close to a new 'buy' trigger, although other technicals are firmly in the bear camp - including relative performance.

Small Caps have started to build a base off its low having already delivered a 'buy' trigger in its MACD.  Despite been a few days longer in its bullish trigger and continued relative out performance over the Nasdaq it hasn't yet turned sufficiently bullish technically. However, it's in a good place.

Indices have a long road ahead of them if they are to truely to shape a market bottom here.  Technicals have started to move in favor of bulls but price is lagging. The Russell 2000 is still offering leadership potential and can be tracked for leads.                                                               

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