Sellers make a strong stand on Friday

There was to be no reprieve for buyers on Friday. In the past, buyers have managed to step in to provide a bit of gloss on a bad week to give bulls some optimism for Monday, but there was no such reprieve today.

But as I was saying about strong days in a trading range - the same applies for weak days too.  The Russell 2000 gave up over 1% in a move which undid Thursday's neutral doji, but with this occurring inside the trading range it's damage is not as significant.  The 200-day MA is fast approaching, so this might be the next test.

Nasdaq losses dropped the index to its 20-day MA, but breakout support near 14,200 - down where the first Fiboanacci level is - remains the most likely area to see a test before the month is out. We have a MACD trigger 'sell' to go with a new 'sell' trigger in On-Balance-Volume. 

The S&P held its gains better and has yet to test its 20-day MA. Friday's selling ranked as distribution and came with a 'sell' trigger in the MACD, but it has the most wiggle room to work with.

Heading into next week we want to see how indices react to Friday's selling and if there is any hangover from it.  The #stockbreakout scan was very poor as there were only penny stocks on the list - a first for this scan.  Even if the selling continues, it's going to be a while before key support breaks.

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