Have the FAANGs come to the end of their bullish run or is there still life in the tech sector? How are you allocating for that going forward?

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"It has been a rocky start to 2018 with direct and indirect Trump factors; for example, Cambridge Analytica (+ fake news distribution), Trump vs Jeff Bezos and a new tariff war, hitting certain FAANG stocks, with the contagion spreading to those indirectly impacted and the broader Tech sector. But not-to-long ago, the same Trump factors were driving the post-election rally; ‘Business Man’ leader, accelerated deregulation with industry friendly appointments, funding cuts to regulatory agencies and massive tax cuts favoring the investment classes.
In reality, the “Trump factor” is a bit of a red herring; it’s the uncertainty and randomness of what may come – be it Trump, terrorists or natural disaster - rather than what has come that’s the problem. With that in mind, we can only consider how markets value FAANG component stocks here-and-now."

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