eToro Review

763 followers 76 copiers

A solid jump in both followers and copiers from the start of the month. This was in large part to my top-10 ranking in their People screener.

Having said that, last week finished very poorly for me. Overtraded and was caught on the wrong side of too many breaks. In my original piece I had noted the importance of splitting your trading and investing account, to remove the vulnerability of going Tilt on your investment account. Next week is another week.

It wasn't all bad. I have two trades in play which sit in profit. First up is USD/JPY. This was bought as it pushed towards major support of 120.47, with minor support at 120.72 the buying cue. Going forward, will want to see buyers step in at 121.27 to keep the upward pressure going.

Grupo Televisa was getting close to its stop, but performed strongly Friday to leave it just shy of a break to new highs. There was no direct news to account for the gain, but I will be looking for new 52-week highs to help bring the stop to breakeven.

If you haven't already, you can follow and/or copy my eToro account here.

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