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Motley Fool: Blog Network Statistics

With the Motley Fool Network leaving beta and going mainstream, now is a good time to review the progress and contributions individual writers have made.  The program has been running for the best part of 18 months - if not longer - and at least 33 contributors have been offered full time positions at Fool HQ. At least one contributor, Brandy Betz, has come full circle, returning to blogging after working a stint at the company.

My last review of the program was in November.  At the time, 169 contributors had received Editor Choice Awards. With the program leaving beta and Editor Choice Awards no longer up for grabs, the number of contributors receiving the award has topped at 282.

Not every contributor who wins an Editor Choice Award sticks with the writing. By my estimates, 152 of the 282 Editor Choice Award winners are still actively contributing (54%). Of those who were contributing in June 2012 (my first check) about 29% (23 of the 78) are still actively writing. But of the 78, at least 7 have gone on to work for the Fool (which means they no longer counted as part of the active statistics).

In terms of contribution, 66 of the 282 have contributed more than 100 posts, with two contributing over 1,000 articles.

But where the cream rises is in the number of individuals who have been awarded the most Editor Choice Awards.
  • Chad Henage takes top honors: not only is he one of the two writers to contribute over 1,000 posts, but he has also walked away with 72 Editor Choice Awards.
  • Leo Sun is in second place. He has contributed 333 articles and has been awarded 60 Editor Choice Awards. His is one of the highest percentages of Award-to-Contribution at 18%
  • Third is Andres Cardenal. His 588 articles have achieved 53 Editor Choice Awards. 
Speaking of Award-to-Contribution, Jason Hall wins this honor with a 27% success rate: his 84 articles walked away with 23 Editor Choice Awards, placing him 11th overall in the rankings.  Not surprisingly, he has worked/is working as a reviewer for the Fool Blog Network. Honorable mention to Peter Horn, who's 30 articles got him 8 Editor Choice Awards.

Beyond the top 3, things become more clustered. Maxwell Fisher has 35 Editor Choice Awards from his 563 articles, but there are eight authors who have achieved 20-30 Editor Choice Awards after Maxwell. of the eight, Adam Levy has the highest percentage of Editor Choice Awards with 26 from 170 articles, but is one of the few contributors to also have a high CAPS rating in the 90s.

Another 17 have achieved between 10 and 19 Editor Choice Awards. Within this group are some up-and-comers: BA McKenna has 14 Editor Choice Awards from 74 articles, Brian Shaw has 12 from 78, Adem Tahiri 12 from 98, Brian Shaw 12 from 78, Alvin Gonzales 11 from 99 and Mark Hibben 10 from 73. Brian Shaw also chips in with a 99.69 CAPS rating.

Not surprisingly, there is a very large group of 50 active contributors (including myself) who have just one Editor Choice award.

With the beta ended the stakes are now higher. Contributions will now be available on the main Fool site, with the usual network syndication.  If you are considering joining the network then the aforementioned contributors are worth reading to know what's expected.  I would also be happy to refer anyone (contact me: who has the talent to contribute.


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