Latest Scratchback: Best Trading System

A little late crediting this, but a big Thank You! to BEST TRADING SYSTEM for his $25 Scratchback purchase (the "Are You In My TopSpots" widget on the right).

Best Trading Systems' contribution has gone to Claudia in Peru.

Claudia is 44 years old, married and has 2 school-age children. They live in the community of Sirenachayocc, which is located in the beautiful forests of Cusco where they have their own house. Claudia knows very well that carrying out any activity depends on the work you do and the efforts you put in. That is why she puts all her time into agriculture, specifically the cultivation and commercialization of cacao and the coca leaf, thanks to the lessons her parents taught her. Her success is due to the quality of her product and the attention she gives to her clients. Generally, her products are sold in the market centers of her community, at competitive prices. This gives her much satisfaction for the work she has accomplished so far. Her priority is to expand her crops to other strategic areas to minimize cost and time. That way she will have good economic results. Generally, she receives help from her husband and together they make a good working team. Also, they are always trying to improve new techniques to care for their plantations, working from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening. This is their second loan from MFP, for which she promises to comply faithfully with the payment obligations in a timely manner. She also feels strengthened and more secure with her communal group. With the requested loan, she will buy a small parcel of land to plant cacao seeds.

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