Stock Market Commentary: No Rest for Tech - Fresh Breakouts

Just as things were looking sketchy for the markets; Nasdaq, Nasdaq 100 and semiconductors (the latter in particular) drive higher. There was a healthy level of support given seasonal factors and weather likely conspired to keep volumes down. Rising price channels remain intact:

The Nasdaq 100 had a much cleaner breakout given it failed to break before as the Nasdaq did. Note new MACD trigger 'buy'.

The real winner was the semiconductor index - the earlier breakout gained some validitiy.

Even Small Caps got a little loving which kept their trading range breakout intact.

A strengthening dollar kept the lid on large cap gains and there were no breakouts for the S&P or Dow - but in the context of a rally the leadership has to come from Small Caps/Tech.

Looks like Santa has presents for some - but not all markets.

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