Stock Market Commentary: Gap and Collapse

The sideways consolidation which the various indices enjoyed for the past few weeks collapsed under the weight of bearish expectation. The 20-day MAs were cleanly sliced to set up the first point of reversal. The only downside was the lack of volume on what should have been a very heavy volume day.

The big gap down didn't break technicals in the Nasdaq but the Dow flashed a MACD trigger 'sell'.

Small Caps also suffered a MACD trigger 'sell'

But the semiconductor index is still the weakest index here with the 50-day MA only a few points away

However, in each case (including the S&P) rising channels are there to provide support when the indices fall enough to reach them; watch volume when this happens - it will give the best indication as to whether this is a more significant downtrend or a pullback for the rally.

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