Weekly Stock Market Commentary: Another week of gains

For the first time since October 2007 markets, like the Nasdaq, have started to reach overbought long term momentum levels (stochastics 39,1). No immediate indication that a reversal is at hand although there are negative divergences at play in the MACD

The S&P has broken from what looks to be an upward neckline head-and-shoulder pattern. The backtest, when it comes, will be important.

However, the chief area of concern remains the breadth indicators. The Nasdaq Bullish Percents triggered a MACD 'sell'

Even the sharp recovery in the Percentage of Nasdaq stocks above the 50-day MA was not enough to reverse its confirmed 'sell'

with the same story for the Summation Index

The concern at this stage is for a repeat of the 2007 meltdown which was founded on negative breadth divergence; the longer this scenario holds - the greater the resulting fall may be. The bad news is that the rally may not yet be over which is only going to trap more bulls.

Buyer beware...

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