Weekly Stock Charts review from Stockcharts.com Publishers

Not sure if there is an issue with the ranking but topping the Stockcharts.com public list was Maurice Walker with Yong Pan and Tomas Leszczynski trailing at only a 10th of their regular traffic.

Anthony Caldaro of Elliott Wave Lives on has yet to post the 'B' top of the ABC correction in play. Richard Lehman is playing for rising channels on 60-min timeframes with no daily channels available yet.

6/13 -- Lots of good perspective in the Barrons mid-year review this week. I strongly recommend reading. The consensus among their gurus is that we're in for a bumpier ride and even a possible pullback in Q3 coming up, but that the lows will hold because they represented systemic fears that have been ameliorated by the government's massive stimulus. Long term themes in resources and emerging markets are still favorited. That fits with the chart perspective that says we've slowed to a flatter rise and may be subjected to some retracement soon (though not yet). I suspect that things will hold up reasonably well as the mid-year window dressing takes hold, but that some churn may occur as profits are taken in riskier assets and reinvested into less risky ones.

The chart patterns in the short term show that the major indexes have been traversing the green upchannels in blue mini channels and are approaching the support lines. Some have traversed more cleanly than others, and the RUT hourly is a good clean one to view. Beacause the minis are slightly rising, there are no breaks yet as the green lines are approached. Normally, that would suggest yet another upward bounce -- potentially a final window dressing affair before the end of June. Continued sideways action is in place until then. We will know when breaks occur, and none have yet, so be careful on the short side if that's the way you are playing it.

6/11 -- The markets chopped on, with most major indexes making perfect touches to the upper short term mini channels (blue) and backing off. (I guess the 4 pm marauder had the day off.) A little more weakness tomorrow will bring them back to the lower blue lines and we will see if yet another bounce results. The long term charts of Dow and SPX show that we are approaching the upper 3-year channel lines. That could provide resistance. VIX June futures say nothing will happen next week, but the July futures say we get a minor pullback.

Given the (temporary) shuffle in the rankings, I have an opportunity to look at some publishers further down the list.

Regular Joe has his weekly review online:

Still short of Joe's 'B' Elliott Wave ABC target

Interesting 'sell' in the Ultimate Oscillator of the SPX

But is there a new 'buy' in the Value Line Index?

Long time since I have featured Matthew Frailey of Breakpointtrades.com. They have always had some nice clean charts. Divergences picked out on the S&P weekly:

Another looking at a 'B' rally of an EWT 'ABC' correction; aiming at the 20-week MA

Or aim for Fib retracements:

Bull wedge for the VIX:

Jack Chan still appears to be in favour of a bull in commodity stocks. Energy Sector SPDR (XLE) given as an example

But also the USO:

Robert New of TheInformedTrader.com has marked in October 2008 gap resistance as the upside target.

Positive Divergences playing out nicely for the weekly Nasdaq:

With a triangle breakout from the QQQQs:

Finally, Ahsan U Haque of Thesmarttrader is in favour of a head-and-shoulder development which means a reversal of the recent breakout in the market:

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