Friday, June 05, 2009

Trading Academy Review

Trading Academy is a resource for the day trader in Stocks, FX, Options and Futures.

The site offers a wide range of free courses streamed online covering Risk Management and Technical Analysis. An additional video looked at the Nasdaq TotalView. A Financial Education Center is accessed from a link sent following registration. In order to view the videos you need to provide contact details including your email and contact number. There is too much emphasis placed on providing contact details for each component which gets tiresome; the site should employ a single registration to access free material.

A Lessons from the Pros section offers the following:

Lessons from the Pros are powerful trading concepts that you can use right now! Informative articles covering all aspects of short term trading, from charting, technical analysis, shorting, tax ramifications, and much more! Each week we will send you cutting edge information provided by experienced traders, faculty members, and outside professionals.

A sample newsletter is available for viewing and there is a good mix of articles. Their contributors include John Mauldin with six other experts covering technical analysis, futures, stocks and commodities.

The articles were detailed with a good mix of strategies for different markets:

Archives are accessible all the way back to 2005 and the newsletter can be received by email or RSS. The Lessons from the Pros email is sent out once a week and is free after supplying your details.

Also offered as part of their free services is a simple Trading Quiz

The meat of the program is the series of courses offered domestically and internationally (including Ireland!). The courses range from 2 to 4 days and kick off at $1,995. Trading Academy has 58 Instructors (Worldwide) listed and offers franchise opportunities.

An extended Learning Track service is offered as a "next step" and works more like a subscription service than a once off payment. The XLT service is built around live demonstrations by professional traders and covers Forex, Futures, Momentum, Options and Broad Market Trading. None of the courses are cheap and without attending any I cannot comment on their merits.

In summary, Trading Academy targets the day trader. Of its content the Lessons from the Pros newsletter is worth subscribing too given it covers content under-represented in the blogosphere. But the free content is a bit of a mixed blessing since it is free (and good) it doesn't necessarily lend itself well for a jump to the $2,000+ services. As a side-note, the site should adopt a universal free registration with check boxes for the different aspects of the site a user might be interested in.

I was compensated for my time in conducting this review.

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