Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fallond Free Stock Picks and ETFs

On Zignals we have launched a revised version of our Chart Gallery that now includes a Public list of members charts (mostly mine at the moment!).

Since dropping the newsletter I have been posting my ETF, FX and stock charts on Zignals using the YourCall feature (as part of Zignals Stock Charts) to list stop and target prices.

To see the Stop and Target prices I have set, open a chart from Chart Gallery (click Gallery thumbnail - click full screen image until taken to Charts - click YourCall tab from left-slide menu - select Statistics - Community - Search stock).

We also keep record of Analyst calls as they come available.

All of our services; charts, alerts, portfolio manager, chart gallery, watchlists and stock screener are free to use and will never have a subscription charge; so don't be shy about creating and saving charts, alerts and making calls. We know there is plenty of competition out there (ahem! FreeStockCharts not to mention top dog but both are exclusively chart based; not to mention the best of material is tied to a minimum subscription of $14.95 a month for delayed data and (looking like it's backed by Worden) may in the end turn into!

The only two requirements we have to join are a valid email address for registration and a download of Microsoft's Silverlight (you will be prompted to do this after registration). We have more in the tank to follow and I will be keeping readers posted as it happens.

If anyone would like their Zignals charts featured on this blog then send me an RSS feed much like I have set up for my own stock pick feed and I will create a separate readers stock gallery.

To do this

[1] Create a account or other RSS compatible bookmark service
[2] Register at Zignals and create a chart
[3] Save the chart
[4] Take the link for the chart and open in a new browser window. You will see the link after a chart has been successfully saved

[5] Bookmark the chart URL on
[6] Email the RSS to me and/or link it up to your twitter account.

It's that simple!

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