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There are a number of cost effective ways to take up advertising on my site.

Free - but don't ask, just do!

I do not support link exchanges. However, I do provide free third-party links to sites which link and send traffic to my site (as measured by Google Analytics); 25 free links are available but they can't be bought nor exchanged. Sites are ranked in order of traffic received; Cobrasmarketview has top spot having sent to me a staggering 14,712 visitors since March 2008. Finviz, TickerSense, The Kirk Report and TraderMike round out the top 5.

$25 Basic Advertising; indefinite period

The cheapest is to buy a scratchback link for $25. I give these links prominent placing just right of my main content on the initial page load. Just 5 links are available for purchase. To give an example of its affordability and return on June 10th 2009 I took a screengrab of the number of clicks the no.1 spot received over the previous day. As the snapshot shows, 'Big Moving Stock', chalked up 9 click throughs

The duration links remain active is dependent on the frequency at which they are purchased. For example, the no. 1 spot held top spot for just over a month. But The the no. 5 slot ('day trades and swing') can attract traffic for 6 months or more. All funds collected from Scratchback purchases are channeled through Your support has helped sponsor over 174 projects as of September 2010.

To put the CPC of Scratchback in perspective, assuming a 6-month lifespan of a link, costs are as follows:

1 click a week: $0.95
5 clicks a week: $0.19
7 clicks a week: $0.14
10 clicks a week: $0.10
20 clicks a week: $0.05

On average, expect the CPC to fall into the $0.10-0.20 range over the lifespan of your link.

Box Advertising $250 a Month

If big is beautiful then a large sidebar image ad could be your solution. This will be visible on the initial page load of the majority of our users and is an opportunity to direct a targeted message to my readers.

Size of Ad: 380 x 380
Location: Between Scratchback and Google Ads
Effective cost: Based on 15,000 pageviews a month = $16 CPM

Google Adwords

Another option is to place an Ad through Google's Adwords to (Network Placement). This will get you a very competitive rate on your CPC. The downside is your ad will be competing with three other displayed ads amongst a larger rotation of ads and unless you put an adequate bid in there is a chance your ad won't show as frequently as it could. Recommend to start with a CPC at $0.50 and build up until the number of clicks you receive does not increase with a rising bid.

Facts and Figures for potential Advertisers

The following data is taken from Quantcast for the site.



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