Financial Writer / Trader wanted $0-250K

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Stansberry & Associates, one of the world's leading financial publishers, is looking for an experienced trader to write a weekly trading advisory.

What's in it for you? Set your own hours… work anywhere… make over $250,000 per year… travel the world on our dime.


-Must have at least 10 years of successful trading experience.

-Must have proven trading methods that can be explained to the average trader.

-Must be willing to live in Baltimore, Maryland for at least one year. (We operate from one of Baltimore's best offices - a beautifully restored 1850s railroad mansion with a full gym on-site.)

-Must be highly competitive and obsessive about delivering the best possible advice to our readers.

-Must love to read and write about the financial markets. If you don't love this stuff, don't bother applying.

Stock trades… options trades… commodity trades… currency trades… it doesn't matter. If you're a great trader who can make our readers money, we want to hire you. Please send resume and two of your best current trading ideas to [Click Here to Email Your Resumé].

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