Friday, November 21, 2008

New KIVA loan from W. Reeves.

The latest loan comes courtesy of a subscription payment by W. Reeves. If you would like to support KIVA you can do so directly, or by subscribing to my newsletter. I have added a second loan from an earlier repayment.

The list of loans active and completed is available here. Altogether, $2,000 has been lent since the start of this promotion. Thanks to all subscribers, current and past, for their support.

Hoa is married and the mother of 4 children. She is uneducated and works in tailoring. She has been involved in this business for more than 5 years but has not been able to expand her business. Now she plans to enlarge her business and rent a shop so she completed all the documents and applied for a loan.

She requested an individual loan of 40000 Afghans for the term of 10 months to complete her stock and start working hard to attract a good number of clients and make good monthly income for her family to support them better. It is one of her fond wishes and she is sure that she can do it. She really appreciates this loan process in Afghanistan.

She is happy and would like to thank everyone who helped this loan process in this poor country. She plans to continue her partnership and, day by day, improve her business. She would like to thank Kiva and AFSG.

Loun Somarina, 36, is a teacher and a farmer. Her husband works raising fish and farming as well. This couple earns around US$3 of profit combined each day. Farming by depending on the sky is unreliable and sometimes they face crop damage because of lack of water. To escape this problem, Loun Somarina is asking for a loan of US$1000 to purchase a water pump. This machine will be used to hire to people for extra profit as well. Loun's husband is pictured in the photograph as the borrower was not available when the photo was taken.