Euro S&P

With the dollar strengthening and the Euro weakening I took another look at the S&P priced in Euros.

If the strengthening dollar (weakening Euro) can boost U.S. equity prices we will soon see a nice 'buy' signal following a positive test of the 2003 (yes - "2003") lows in the Euro:S&P relationship. A rally in this relationship could quickly work its way towards 2007 highs and a chance to confirm a double bottom:

The positives on this chart are the dual doji at 2003 support and the rising MACD histogram. Both work on the background of oversold short and long term stochastics following a successful test of the early 2008 low.

So while the dollar priced S&P shows some leg work to do as it builds a handle, it might not be as far away from the good times as some might otherwise think.

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