9 Financial Blogs on the Ropes or Down-and-Out

My Netvibes feeder has seen a drop in activity from some key financial blogs. Known early day casualties included Trader X amongst others, but the past 4 months have seen another swather of blogs go silent. Many without reason. One can only assume the author(s) are okay - but perhaps their absence reflects a form of capitulation; who wants to write about a "bad market".

  • Trader's Narrative reappeared today after a lengthy 2-month absence. Babak has an impressive 1,843 RSS Subscribers.
  • High Chart Patterns has posted once in the past three months, the most recent post now a month old. It offers a newsletter service which is spoken highly of by Uglychart (most recently) and MovetheMarkets.
  • Raw Greed did suffer a Hack attack but the site looks to be online. The last post was made in late June; it has/had(?) been in operation since 2005.
  • One Guy's Investments of Travis Johnson hasn't seen a blog post in 4 months. It usually posted on a monthly basis.
  • Formerly ADD Trader wrote his last post 4-months ago.
  • Jack Haddad had only started to get going on what was promising stuff, but after a month of writing enough was enough; his last post was 4 months ago.
  • The Bulltrader.com was supported by contributions from five authors, but since May of this year the blog has gone silent.
  • Trader ZBS had been operating since 2006 but his blog went silent 3 months ago.
  • EST. 2007. Protege of Trader X, has gone into stasis until further notice. The last post was in early April.

    In contrast, Random Roger just celebrated his 3,000th post, congratulation to Roger on an outstanding achievement (and his posts are no short missives). Long may it last.

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