Saturday, July 05, 2008

Site review: is a one stop shop for UK citizens to research and compare financial products. In addition to the usual credit cards, loans and insurance comparisons there are also areas for utilities and brokerages. The latter in particular is very useful as this is an area poorly serviced in European markets.

The site has a useful index of all featured companies with a breakdown of the collective offers from each company:

It's news page features a number of RSS feeds broken down by topic; while Personal Finance is well catered for, the Lifestyle section has only a handful of articles:

Registering with the site gives you access to their eBook "10 Steps to Save You 150pounds Every Year Without Cutting Back" including an opportunity to enter a prize draw for Free Insurance.

While the site is professional looking, functional and well organized it misses out on the lack of community review. Because it is so comprehensive in the products it covers, a user ranking of each offer would have rounded the site out; in a web 2.0 environment this omission is telling. The best products are those which come recommended by friends and family and maybe it is time for to become your friend too.