Friday, July 25, 2008

KIVA: Reloans

Another wave of repayments are in so it's time to reloan the monies. I have selected three more recipients for this cash - if you would like to help you can purchase a Scratchback link for your site ($25 contribution made to a KIVA recipient), or make a payment through subscription to my newsletter (subscribe through the link above; also a $25 contribution to a KIVA recipient). The total number of paid/lent loans now stands at 66. Thirty-two of these loans are active which means $800 has been raised from Scratchback links and subscription payments; a big Thank You to all of my KIVA supporters:

Eng Thear, age 36, is a widow farmer and lives with three of her children. Living in Phnom Penh, she typically makes around $2 each day and is aided by her two children, who work in a garment factory. Mrs. Eng’s farm is more successful than the others because she owns a water pump and never has to worry about the weather, rain or not. The other farmers that have no water pump have to rely on the weather. The weather conditions have been bad in the past year.

Mrs. Eng wants to start growing more crops to earn more revenue, so now she is asking for a loan from Kiva to purchase good seeds for crops.

Mrs. Kong Sareth, 25 years old, lives with her husband, Meng Sarin in the Prey Veng province of Cambodia. The couple work together in a grocery sales to support their two young children. They are now applying for a loan of $1,200 to purchase fertilizer in bulk. They would like to start a new business re-selling fertilizer in smaller amounts to local farmers in order to diversify and expand their source of income.

Jeffrey Lemuel is 32 years old and married without any children. He lives in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. He sells and repairs refrigerators and air conditioners. He learned this business in 5 years, and he started his own business in 2000. He has been a LAPO client for the past 6 years. He needs the loan amount of $1,200 to buy more parts for refrigerators and air conditioners for repairs and sale. He expresses his gratitude to Kiva and its lenders.

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