Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sponsored Review: Gembutsu May

Gambutsu Consulting provides training based on the philosophy of the Toyota Production System, termed lean manufacturing training, as trained in Japan. Gambutsu Lean consultants look to apply this 'lean training' to traditional manufacturers.

Lean implementation is a two phase process:

Phase I

1. Develop an understanding of the business: What are the long-term goals, challenges and opportunities.

2. Develop a Current State value stream map.

3. Using lean guidelines, determine what the ideal Future State will look like.

4. Break the Ideal State into manageable weekly, quarterly and annual future state goals.

Phase II

5. Begin kaizen workshops to accomplish these goals and apply Lean philosophy and tools to these areas of focus.

6. Review and refine future state goals frequently to ensure long-term success.

Given the processes involved are aimed towards manufacturing processes, not trading ones, the six steps outlined above do have relevance for developing a trading strategy; chiefly the need to define a plan, set goals and understand how those goals will be reached, while regularly reviewing your progress - adapting as needs be.