Friday, June 13, 2008

New KIVA loans

I have a few more redemptions to allocate to new loans. The following individuals were recipients of these funds:

Lomuku 2004-a-Group:
Veronica Siko, the group leader, has a business selling flour and she has applied for this loan in order to purchase more flour to resell. Veronica is 30 yearsold, married and has four children between the ages of 6 and 20. Her husband is a builder and her children of school age attend school. Each week, Veronica makes approximately 100 Sudanese pounds in profits.

Veronica is joined in her small group by Joice Kwaje, Tereza Siama, Magreat Festo, and Cicilia Achola. Joice Kwaje sells bread and wants to expand her business. Tereza Siama currently has a business selling bread and cooking oil at the market but would use this loan to build a hotel. Magreat Festo operates a business selling tea at a restaurant and hopes to expand the restaurant. Cicilia Achola is currently in the business of selling food at a hotel but has applied for this loan in order to buy a taxi for carrying passengers.

Carmen Olivo Ramirez's Group:
Carmen is a woman whose persistence, unshakable courage, and self-confidence have allowed her to succeed in life. She’s forty-three years old and has six children, four of them boys, and all of whom study. Carmen explains that her husband, a taxi driver, has exercised a great influence upon her, and he’s been always supporting her and doing his best so that her business can be successful.
Carmen sells natural medicines in Sabana Grande de Boyá, in the province of Monte Plata. She says that her business, which she started three years ago, is very profitable and her clientele continues on growing. She operates the business predominantly by walking along the streets every day.

The entrepreneur says that she’d like to buy a small, used car in two years so that she can move faster, travel further distances, and attend to new markets.

With her loan, Carmen will buy more natural medicines to keep satisfying her customers’ needs and increase her income.

Carmen will receive her loan together will these four women:

Angela Lora, who sells women’s clothing.

Santa María Del Rosario, who sells costume jewelry.

Maribel Contreras Eusebio, a shoe and pants retailer.

Dolores Encarnación Ureña, who sells clothing in the community.

Fatou Thiam:
Fatou Thiam is 46 years old, married with 1 child and 2 grandsons in her care, and has been a member of the village bank of Colobane Fass in Ziguinchor for 2 and a half years. She would like to strengthen her business, which consists of buying and selling smoked fish. Her income allows her to take care of her family, and she has always respected her financial obligations. Fatou is asking for a loan which will be reimbursed at the end of 6 monrhs in a single payment.

Felix Ramirez:
Felix Alonso Ramirez started working at a very young age in a service station where he stayed for 15 years. His wife worked as a school teacher. With the passage of time Felix was tired of being an employee and decided to start his own business. He bought a mini bus and he works as the driver. His wife is now retired.

Felix is married and has three daughters. He is so proud to have provided his daughters with a good education because today all three are excellent professionals. He also provided them with comfort and was able to fulfill all their necessities.

This brings the total number of KIVA loans to 59 with one more still to come from Informedtrades. Subscribe to my newsletter and become a KIVA contributor today!