Posting issues

A frustrating day using Blogger. Looks like third party ISP users are getting the shaft with Blogger's FTP feature. Usually Blogger are fairly good at correcting these issues but this one has dragged - am I the only one to suffer?

I have a free stock pick up on my parent site. If you are looking for the free stock picks this is the best place to start. I don't post stocks on a regular basis, although subscribers do get all picks by email via PDF - so they don't need to check back regularly to find updates.

My daily market commentary is also available on the parent site home page.

Annotated charts are kept on Public list for those who prefer their information visually. Other Bloggers to maintain public Stockchart lists are Danny Merkel at Goldstockprophet, Chris Perruna at, Dane Jacobsen at, Hector Rivera at Rsstockcycles, and Bill Rempel at Bill Rempel, a.k.a. NO DooDahs!. Someone who I thought had Public Stockchart list, but couldn't find it was Joey at Downtowntrader, maybe I am wrong on that one?

Declan Fallon is developing trading strategies, market indicators and sentiment tools for Zignals

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