New KIVA loans

I have a couple more Subscriber payments to allocate to new KIVA loans, but first I want to re-loan some earlier payments.

First loan goes to Adama Hagbegno, a baker in Togo.

Born on 31 December 1975 in Am├ęgnran, Mr. Adama HAGBEGNO is married and has eight (8) children. His bakery is his source of income, and is highly sought after by many women because he is the sole breadmaker in his area. This high income business allows him to meet the needs of his family and especially the education of his children.

To strengthen his capital base and better satisfy his clientele, he is asking for a loan. This will serve to stock a large quantity of wheat flour. The realization of this dream will allow him to maintain his clientele and to enlarge it. Thus, his income will increase, allowing his family to flourish.

The second re-loan goes to Suliha in Indonesia:

Since moving to Bali in 1994, Suliha has wanted to work, but she faced a reality that to find a job is very difficult. That was why then Suliha decided to open a booth to sell food. Up to now, Suliha is still running the business even though the income is not too big.

Suliha has to get up early in the morning everyday to go to Kerobokan Market to purchase the materials, and then cook them, and prepare everything before opening the booth at 7.00 am. Around this time, her booth is usually full with customers who have breakfast.

She uses the income from her business to pay her children’s tuition fee. She wants to improve her business in to a bigger one, that she expects to earn loan to increase her capital.

This brings the total number of loans to 55. Become a member today and support developing entrepeneurs.

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