Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Feedback request: Alerts

I'm looking for a quick-and-dirty feedback request for market alerts. "Market Alerts" encompass price alerts (e.g. stock price alerts), stock fundamentals (e.g. P/E drops to 10), portfolio alerts (e.g. a stock holding in my portfolio drops by $200).

Use the comments section to add your wishlist for market alerts (type, frequency, subject matter, etc....).

Don't hold back on what you would consider the 'dream list' of features you would want for an alert. Particularly if what you want is not currently available, or you are someone who doesn't use alerts but would if you could do x, y and z.

Also consider delivery options; email is the main one, but what about iphone, sms, twitter? Would you use alerts if they could be routed to you in different ways?

Your wish may come true and it won't cost a you a penny to get it!