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The market didn't do a whole lot yesterday, so I took a look at what is going on in the blogosphere.

(Via TraderMike): Dr.Duru has some worrying analysis on the financials, GE and others. The GE chart looks real scary if your bullish the market.

HeadlineCharts has gone the other direction and is watching for a bullish head-and-shoulder reversal in the XLF; $24 support is key in this regard.

Dug this from TraderMike's archive: Gold ETF demand increases as it decreases for the precious metal.

Another from the archive: Know What's in your ETF and How the ETF is Calculated.

(via Abnormal returns) FT-Alphaville: Bear or Superbear

(via Abnormal returns) The case for dividends.

(via Abnormal returns) Afraid-to-trade has highlighted two new blogs; Skill Analytics and Trading Bots.

Jamie at Wall Street Warrior has a Head-and-Shoulder top marked in for the Nasdaq. Watch the converged support lines closely (c2,425)

Timothy Sykes book now on iTunes. I know, I know Tim, I still owe you a book review...

Bill has a neat comparative chart up on the various volatility indices. details the road to trading success.

Bill isn't too impressed with the blog reporting on the CCI figures. Offers his analysis here; bullish for the S&P 12-months forward.

Brett's: Stock Market Sentiment and Reversals: The Temporal Anchoring of Expectations is worth a look.

Charles Kirk has a handy market summary and his extensive link list for review.

Dr. Declan Fallon, Senior Market Technician, the free stock alerts, market alerts and stock charts website

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