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Not expecting too much for today, so took a look at what's going on my feed reader:

CXO Advisory takes a look at AlphaKing:

In summary, testing indicates that the AlphaKing Trading Indicator may have some value for timing the Nasdaq Composite index, but the duration of the live data sample is much too short for reliable inference.

Financial Week looks at blogmining.

Econoblogging as a step towards a job.

Vix and More on High Implied Volatility.

Wall St. Warrior
always has a great pre-market warm up. Not expecting much today

Herb Greenberg's five lesson's learnt. (Via Maoxian via TraderMike)

Why things cost $19.95 (Via Maoxian)

How to monitor websites that don't have RSS feeds - handy (Via Maoxian)

Bill Rempel's Seven Quantifiable Ways to Define Trend. The Average Directional Index is my favorite.

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