New KIVA loans

The latest loan came courtesy of R. Harmsen's new membership. I have allocated the money to a group of 6 entrepreneurs in Tanzania.

Elizabeth, age 32, is married and owns a video library where she works from 8am to 7pm daily. She started this business in 2007 and now makes a monthly profit of about $180 from her rentals.

Elizabeth now hopes for a loan to increase her video stock. She will share this loan with her subgroup. They belong to the loan group called Kipunguni, whose members keep each other accountable in paying back their loans.

In the picture, Elizabeth is 1st on the right ,standing

In addition, there is $50 to redistribute to new loans:

First up is Santos Mariena Cadena:

Mr. Santos Mairena is dedicated to the business of planting and harvesting basic grains in the Somotillo township of Chinandega, Nicaragua. He has been working in the agricultural business since he was a child, learning from his father, who was always characterized as being an excellent field worker.

Currently Mr. Mairena is in need of tools for harvesting grains such as corn, maicillo (a native small seeded plant similar to millet), and sorghum. For this reason he has appealed to Ceprodel in order to receive a loan. This credit would permit him to improve his business situation and in that way help his family, who need so much from him, move forward.

Then there is Jaime Fajardo:

Business Description

Jaime is a farmer who has spent 15 years growing and harvesting rice for later sale. Currently, he has only 3½ blocks for his crop, from which he hopes to get optimum production with the adequate supplies and capital.

Loan Use

He will invest his loan into the purchase agricultural products to fertilize his land for subsequent planting. Obtaining some capital is critical for the upcoming favorable winter crop season.

Personal Information

Jaime lives in an open arrangement with his partner, with whom he has two children ages 6 and 1 respectively. The precinct he lives in is some distance from Santa Lucia.

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