Thursday, March 27, 2008

Essential Reading

Yesterday's consolidation didn't change anything on the broader picture. Monday's bullish gains still hold as dominant until proven otherwise. Today's post looks at what is going around the Blogosphere.

Timothy Sykes offers his usual low key assessment on Yahoo!s decision to removed date/time stamps from its posts. I cannot agree more with him... dumbasses. Maybe this is a strategy to scare off Microsoft.

One of my favorite morning stop-offs is Maoxian's links.

Abnormal Returns is my first port of call to get a working list of articles to read for the day. TraderMike is my second, although he is on vacation. And Charles Kirk when he publishes his linkfest (also on vacation).

24/7 WallStreet hvae the 25 most valuable blogs. Wouldn't mind a slice of that pie, although somewhat depressing to see a (hypothetical) range from $860,000 to $150 million across the 25. Oh to be numero uno on that list.

Datawink has an excellent chart analysis tool. Bullish prognosis for Intel. But JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a no-no.

Bill Cara has an extensive summary of Wednesday's action.

Travis asks if "Commodity" is going to be a bad word again? Commodity bull markets can last for up to 35 years, the current one is still in its early stages - so even if the short term picture looks rocky, the long term picture should be fine. The next test of 200-day MAs/40-week MAs for the likes of Oil, Gold, Grains, and Copper will likely kick start the next (substantial) leg of the rally.

Bill Rempel has an extensive article on impacts of market performance over the past 10 years have little bearing on how the market performs over the next 10 years.

Headline charts
has gone long the market as of March 24th.

Stock Trading to Go explains why the Oracle Corp (ORCL) miss is important over and above the Plain Jane miss.

Afraid to Trade is looking for a cup-and-handle bottom for Apple Inc (AAPL).

Finally, Brett has a good piece on using the Dow TICK to track program trading.