Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sponsored Review: Condor Options

Condor Options is a nicely done site where the focus is trading "Iron Condors". Their aim is to provide a single trade every month which generates a 10% return on your investment. A simple goal. It is a subscription based service, charging $139 a month with a 30-day money back guarantee. Iron Condor only deals in options trading.

The performance of the site's picks since May have been excellent with only two reported losses out of thirteen for the strategy (although the 37% loss may have been a killer to a small account):

The site also has a blog which features about two posts a week:

In their promotional material, their raison d'etre is

Look, we know there are already a billion trading newsletters out there. So why start yet another one? Because all the newsletters and trading services we’ve come across rely on their stock-picking, fundamental analysis, or other directional skills to make trades. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we know that it’s possible to make money - good money - without having to be right about the direction of the market.

In short, we want to show you how to generate a stable income from options trading without having to perform any complicated research or make wild guesses about individual stocks. We don’t know of any other service out there that takes such a non-directional approach.

If that sounds like something you’re into, why not try us out?

Who will this site appeal too? Likely to well financed traders who perhaps want to grab a little extra from the market. They suggest a starting account of $10,000 - but at $1,339 a year for the service it would probably price itself out of that market. The handful of trades a month probably wouldn't be enough for the active trader - but if it can maintain its current performance levels it should provide good value. I had no problem navigating the site and the necessary information was easy to get too and well explained. There is a general lack of good websites utilizing options strategies. This is certainly one of the better ones out there. I wish them well.