Thursday, August 09, 2007

Collective2 update

There have been a couple of changes since the market swoon to the extent there are two positions left standing (11% equity exposure, 89% cash). I will be looking to ramp up equity exposure over the coming days. But below are the positions which were exited over the last couple of weeks:

Ascent Solar Technologies (ASTI): My initial impressions for a fresh base have morphed into something larger. The stock is trading in quiet action around the $7 mark and should see some support at the newly formed 200-day MA. The 500 share position closed for a -$280 (-5.93%) loss:

Devry Inc (DV) has chopped around the $33-36 range but has managed to hold the bulk of May gains. The initial position I attempted was stopped out after the first break of $36 failed. The 200-day MA / May gap lows beckons. The 300 share position closed for a -$348 (-3.26%) loss :