Saturday, May 12, 2007

John Chow ranks 2 on "Make Money Online"

In an interesting experiment on the importance of using Anchor Text for search engine ranking, John Chow is doing a free link exchange on the premise you include a link to his site using the expression "Make Money Online" as part of an online review of his site.

This followed his "Root of all Evil" cross-link for a Nintendo competition he ran on site which had ranked as high as third in Google (according to his research, but now ranks in 9th place). His current campaign is doing significantly better with second place ranking ahead of the majority of his competition.

However, John needs to be careful of his own success. As he states on his website he had a backlog of links to post to his site as part of this promotion (700 to date) which has little to do with actually making money. If new readers are greeted with a list of irrelevant links they may be turned off and not return. It obviously hasn't hurt him so far but sometimes it necessary to take step back and reassess what ones goals are before burning too many britches.