How to get my Trade Signals

Many Bloggers post their trades after the fact, but allow individuals (and bloggers) to generate their trades in real-time. This is an additional performance measure over and above the entry-stop-target monitoring and is a more manageable system for those not looking to get a stream of stocks on a daily basis, but want a more personally managed system. is a third party system and I have no affiliation with them other than they host my sample portfolio.

My Collective2 portfolio features stocks from the Trade Ideas scan and my newsletter, but never holds more than 8 stocks at any one time. In addition, individual stocks never have more than $15K allocated to the position irrespective of the total value of the portfolio, or the number of stocks held.

I base equity exposure on a $100K account which can be easily scaled to any account size (e.g. buying 800 shares for a $100K account would translate as 80 shares for a $10K account, or 1,600 shares for a $200K account). The recommended equity:cash exposure is based on the suggested money management strategy in my newsletter.

Signals are usually sent out end-of-day, although the system can be Autotraded using TradeStation

To Subscribe:

[1] Click on the portfolio graphic:

[2] This takes you from to website:

[3] From there you can check out the statistical performance of the portfolio:

[4] Including individual stock performance:

[5] To Subscribe, follow the instructions given in the box on the Collective2 page located under Cash and Margin box :

or click:

located at the top of the Collective2 page

[6] Closed trades are featured on the blog, including annotations on the entry and exit:

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