Trade Ideas: 169 minutes

That is how long it took the Trade Ideas scan to select 8 stocks for today. I had no stocks to present due to a trip to the field to collect soil samples, but the market threw a complete reversal to yesterday's bullish action. I would ignore the noise of the last couple of days - November-January channels are key for defining the future direction of the market.

The 8 stocks were WRE, FRP, UIS, UGI, CBE, DLM, IGR and NG.

None broke the 20 apperance barrier.

P.S. If you do follow the link to my Public list where I keep my index charts I would appreciate your vote by clicking the link at the bottom of the destination page. In the good ol' days my list once reached the dizzy height of 12th best list and got 6,000 views a month; now I languish in 49th place with only 2,250 views. The Stockchart viewers are a fickle crowd - but there is a probably an interesting study on the degree of speculation in the markets based on the popularity of certain lists. I remember J.P. Russo used to have a list in the top 10, but his now ranks in 39th place. Peter Robinson was another former high flyer, now ranked 57th.

If you would like to try a full version of the Trade-Ideas software, follow this link for a free 7-day trial.

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